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Enhanced OFPL league stats

Weekly updates on team performance

Create your own content – Interactive features to add to your league experience


  • Treemap


    View the breakdown of your squads score by player. Filter for overall or by month.
  • Points By Position

    Points By Position

    See how the teams in your league are performing by GK, MID, DEF and ST
  • Total Points

    Total Points

    Track the teams in your league’s progression over the season.
  • Points on Bench

    Points on Bench

    Judge who picks the best starting XI, and see who is leaving all their points on the bench!
  • Player Popularity

    Player Popularity

    See who the most popular players are in your league, to help you judge your trades.
  • How Points Earned

    How Points Earned

    Does your team score enough goals, or keep enough clean sheets? See how your points are accumulated with this interactive chart.

How to get started

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Sign up to the FPL Draft Hub today for FREE. This will give you access to your own dashboard personalised to your FPL Draft leagues. If you are in more than one league, you just need one account to see them all!


Rise to the top of your draft league and enhance your league experience.

Access your team dashboard, see in-depth league stats and set up your own league newsletter and polls.

How it works

The draft format of Fantasy Football is the most popular around the world, but is new to the FPL. What makes the FPL Draft so great is that every league is unique. With players have no value, and with trading and waivers available – there are so many ways to tip the scales in your favour!

By signing up to the Fantasy Draft Hub, you can sync our platform to your Official FPL account (don’t worry, we promise we do not store or share any of your FPL login details!) and immediately interact with your own dashboard, tailored to your league. 

See your top players every week, and top performing players in the league. Easily see who is Manager of the Month, who is making the best trades, scoring the most goals and keeping the most clean sheets.

Keep the banter going with the newsletter function, use your dashboard to get key information on the to praise or shame the best and worst managers in your league and broadcast a report each month to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. 

Coming in 2020

Get email summaries of your Gameweek performance. Get reminders of waiver deadlines and find out who the top players available on the waiver wire are – tailored to the players you already have.