FPL Draft Trading 101

One of the best things about playing draft FPL is the ability (and necessity) to trade with your fellow league managers. For most of the players that get picked up on draft day, this is the only way you’re going to be able to recruit them to your own team. You’ll soon get the hang … Read more

Hidden Gem XI – July 2022

hidden XI july

A monthly feature in which does what it says on the tin – a playing XI of guys that may be under the radar or simply underrated for you to consider. This first XI is happening in the middle of pre-season and so is built on lots of potential upside, chances of grabbing a PL … Read more

Position-by-position guide to Draft Day


As the final minutes and seconds countdown to the draft there is only one thing on every draft manager’s mind – which position will I be? Some will be praying to get the first pick, others will want to steer clear of having to decide between their top two inseparable picks. The moderates will sagely … Read more

Mitch’s 10 Tips for a Successful Draft Day

1. Be prepared This seems obvious but it’s the most important piece of advice. If you’re reading this we’re no doubt preaching to the choir, but a pre-prepared draft list can make all the difference between serene drafting and panic stations. Whether you’ve got a spreadsheet, scrap of paper or better yet, a pre-prepared watchlist … Read more