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Personal Dashboard

Live in-depth analytics of your teams and your leagues.

Use this dashboard to manage your performance throughout the season, with tools that are proven to help you climb to the top of your FPL Draft league.

The data is updated in realtime, so no waiting until the end of the day to see your league position, or waiting for autosubs.

Use the slider below to preview the charts:

Global Dashboard

Exclusive to Draft Hub – this amazing dashboard takes data from every FPL Draft league to see how players just like you across the whole of FPL Draft are behaving. Toggle the dashboard by ‘league size’ to see:

Player Ownership %

Sorted by PL Team and by Position, see what % of the FPL Draft universe owns each player. This tool is perfect for helping you decide your waivers and trades.

Top Managers Ownership %

We have taken the data from the top 10% of FPL Draft managers in each league size. Follow the best managers and see which players they are wavering in each week.

Waivered In and Out

Find out who the most waivered players are each week, as well as the players who have been dropped by the most managers. This tool is the perfect way to find a gem in the Free Agent market.

draft picks

Yet another exclusive to FPL Draft Hub feature.

Every day, our database is updated with all of the drafts (and mocks!) that have taken place before the season starts. From this we have generated a Draft Ranking based on real human behaviour.

You can also see a map of each player’s draft to understand where they are most commonly drafted, as well as the distribution of their Draft Rank.